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In conversation with Chang Chih-Chung

An interview held in Kaohsiung harbor in March 2019. Artist Chang Chih-Chung talks about his research and engagement with the history of the Taiwanese port

Read the interview here

In conversation with Damian Christinger

A presentation and discussion with writer and curator Damian Christinger, organised by Gabriel Gee as part of the TETI Group 2021 Ghost Ship project, held on the 17th of February 2021

Watch the presentation here

In conversation with David Jacques

A presentation and discussion with Liverpool artist David Jacques, organised by Gabriel Gee as part of the TETI Group 2021 Ghost Ship project, held on the 10th of February 2021

watch the presentation here

Hybrid Marines: Panel session 17.04.2021

Convened by Bryan Biggs and Gabriel Gee, the panel session Hybrid Marines takes place at the annual Association of Art Historian conference organised by the University of Birmingham 14-17 April 2021, with Charlotte Gould, Denise Clarke, Nicola Foster and Jean Wainwright, check the program and abstracts here

Ghost Ship: the Trailer

Ghost Ship

Ghost ship is a TETI month long spectral project at Kulturfolger, Zurich, which explores global uncertainties through maritime lenses and spatial displacement. Throughout February, the ghost ship embarks on a journey into 1 brouillard (fog), 2 terreur (terror) 3 spectres (Gespenst) 4 rêveries (dreamsea). 

The ghost ship crew is Amélie Bargetzi, Gregory Collavini, Anne-Laure Franchette, David Jacques, Dorota Lukianska, Cora Piantoni,  navigation by Gabriel Gee.

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Oops a daisy! (Urban management remix) exhibition opens 24.10.2020  and runs till 15.11.2020 in Dietikon, Switzerland.

"The exhibition takes place in the former ‘Bauamt’ (public construction authority) from Dietikon. Now in a precarious state, the building illustrates the ambiguities of city planning. The place where decisions concerning the development of the city were made, is itself being renovated and it has transformed into a site of urban growth and its inherent contradictions." 

Works by Monica Ursina Jäger, Riikka Tauriainen, Anne-Laure Franchette, Lourenço Soares & Lithic Alliance; with the Volumes Nature-City Archive.

Curated by Dietikon Projektraum in collaboration with TETI Group

Nature City Volumes Archive, with Gabriel N. Gee, a Volumes project, a TETI Production, with support from School of Commons.
In conversation with John Low, transcript of an encounter held on March 22, 2019. The Singaporean artist John Low talks to Gabriel Gee about his artistic practice and research on the legacies of Chinese Ink Painting in Singapore and South East Asia, characterised by a  deep interlacing of aesthetics with historical heritage and socio-political forces, shaped by the maritime migrations of the turbulent 20th century.
Nature City Volumes Archive, with Jose Caceres Mardones, a Volumes project, a TETI Production, with support from School of Commons
A quick browse through Changing representations of nature and the city: the 1960s-1970s and their legacies, G.Gee & A. Vogelaar, eds (Routledge 2018):


The ground beneath our feet:  Tunnels, Hades,  Unkraut  

On Thursday the 5th of September at Zhdk Zurich University of the Arts

a conference about land and soil with artists, gardeners, architects and historians, which aims to look at the mobile ground beneath our feet, to interrogate the soil as both material and narrative in our interconnected territories and to reflect on the poet’s role in the definition of our contemporary imaginaries.


Conference of the Association of Art Historians

NEWCASTLE (1-3 April 2020)
Hybrid Marines

convenors: Gabriel Gee & Bryan Biggs

Deadline for abstract proposals: Monday 21st of October 2019


EAUH 2020 Antwerp (2-5 September 2020)
Cargoes, Bodies, Stories: Depicting Flux (un-)control in the Port City
convenors: Gabriel Gee & Eliana Sousa Santos

Deadline for abstract proposals: 04.10.2019

Land, Soil & Aesthetics

Friday June 7th 2019 at 2PM
Zürcher Hoschule für angewandte Wissenschaft (ZHAW)
with Monica Ursina Jäger, Maya Minder & Bad Lab

a School of Commons Learn event

a Baustelle und Botanik project

All so Near: Artists talks

audio recording

As part of the exhibition held at Faktor Künstlerhaus on 20-22 April 2018, Amélie Brisson Darveau, Johanna Bruckner and Cora Piantoni responded to questions by Vanessa Nica Mueller. Off working for a Hamburg film company, hanging on a crane in Gdansk, designing clothes out Altona city plan, and investigating bodies, architecture and capital flux in Hamburg: 

Trans-industrial pressure in Formosa: Taipei Biennial 2018

Gabriel Gee reports from the 11th Taipei Biennial
entitled "Post-nature: museum as an ecosystem"
Museum of Fine Arts Taipei
17.11.2018 – 10.03.2019

Baustelle und Botanik:' DISCUSSION

Saturday January 26 2019

at Zhdk, Toni Areal 5.KO3 

2pm Panel discussion School of Commons, moderated by Marea Hildebrand

4pm 'Between soil and ground:' in conversation with artist Monica Ursina Jäger,
with Anne-Laure Franchette & Gabriel Gee

Audio Extracts available HERE

Stories & places: from fish to textile, through river and gardens'

 Wu Mali in conversation with Gabriel Gee, Singapore, August 2018


edited by Gabriel N. Gee & Alison Vogelaar

argument and table of content

Sand, radar, garden cities

artists Cliona Harmey & Monica Ursina Jäger in conversation with Gabriel Gee, 26th of May 2018, at Corner College, held as part of the exhibition 'Hinterland: blood as a rover'. 

In contact with the wild

Michael Günzburger talks to Gabriel Gee of his and Lukas Bärfuss publication 'Contact', published at Patrick Frey, 2017

Hinterland part  II:  blood as a rover

at Corner College, Zurich

with Jürgen Baumann, Gregory Collavini, David Jacques, Tuula Narhinen & Claudia Stöckli

Vernissage: Saturday June 2nd, 18h
with a performance by Caludia Stöckli at 19H: Borderless poetics in fluidity


Hinterland: The eyes of the lighthouse; blood as a rover'

an exhibition in two parts at Corner College, Zurich, May-June 2018 

PART 1: The eyes of the lighthouse, with, Monica Ursina Jäger, Cliona Harmey & Salvatore Vitale

PART 2: Blood as a rover,  with Jürgen Baumann, Gregory Collavini, David Jacques, Tuula Narhinen & Claudia Stöckli 

curated by Gabriel Gee & Anne-Laure Franchette

Maritime Poetics: from coast to hinterland 
25-27 MAY

All so Near: Textile Bodies, Chinagirls and Archi-Finance'

An exhibition at Faktor Künsterlhaus, Hamburg, 20-22 April 2018, with Amélie Brisson Darveau, Johanna Bruckner & Cora Piantoni, 

curated by Gabriel Gee

Cora Piantoni publishes Buon lavoro! Four films on Workers' communities, Archive books, 2018. The book documents four of her recent films: Wir waren das Kino (2010-16), Politik in der Höhe (2013), Arbeitslieder (2014), Radio GAP (2016)

With essays by Catherine Hug, Silvia Simoncelli, Gabriel Gee and Federica Martini

Gabriel Gee publishes Art in the North of England, Routledge, an Ashgate book, 2017

"This book is a very clear and comprehensively written historiographical overview of the production and consumption of contemporary visual arts in the North of England in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. The study is divided in three chrono- logical parts, each focusing on a particular decade. The historical starting point is the election of the leader of the Conservative Party, Margaret Thatcher, as prime minister in 1979. It ends with the global financial crisis of 2008.

 The author intertwines a theoretical art historical methodology with a specific socio-political historical context in a clearly defined geographic region. The relationship between political, social and economic changes, such as massive deindustrialization, the decline of working-class communities and the search for urban regeneration and reconstruction, and artistic developments — ‘aesthetic thought and modes of visual expression’ — is thoroughly analyzed."  Peter Rogiest, Cambridge University Press Library Journal, 2017

PORT RIVER CITY includes a series of artistic interventions and film screenings in Dublin between the 17th and 29th September 2017. Curated by Alice Butler and Daniel Fitzpatrick of AEMI, and Cliona Harmey, the program explores the geographical and historical textures of the Liffey from the Poolbeg lighthouse to the inner city and hinterland.

Check their website HERE, together with a publication for which Gabriel Gee contributes an essay entitled 'Seen - Unseen: hybrid rivers in the 21st century' which can be downloaded THERE 

La bibliothèque à déplacer des Presses éditables (the to-be-moved library): Vincent Fradet and Gabriel Gee participate in the BIG Geneva at the invitation of Volume from the 16th to the 18th of June: in a maritime container, visitors will be invited to rearrange the rhizomic constellations stemming from the four collective publications edited by Les Presses éditables: check the news here

Made in Taiwan: Yang Mao-Lin talks to Gabriel Gee as Taipei Fine Arts Museum held a major retrospective of his work earlier this year. Read also Gabriel Gee's essay on 'a hybrid marine' in the work of Yang Mao Lin on Doppiozero (Italian)