Textures & Experiences of Trans-Industriality. (TETI)

The interdisciplinary study group on textures and experiences of trans-industriality looks at the relation between the changing environments of cities and industrial evolutions in the Twentieth century. This group promotes research that combines approaches stemming from the fields of art history, architecture, contemporary art, urban development, cultural heritage studies, social/cultural anthropology, sociology, economy and politics. In general, it is believed that a holistic research approach is needed in order to trace, as well as investigate, the interactions between non-local (global, national and regional) strategy-making and that of the more local, nuanced level of the city and places therein. More specifically, the group seeks to illuminate both the empirical and theoretical relationships between people and the processes of trans-industriality. In this light, TETI relies on the use of in-depth case study research based on an array of urban environments from around the world. We feel that gaining a better understanding of urban change and rural mutations, and the negotiations associated therewith, in particular through the representation and manipulation of industrial and technological changes, can help to inform future strategy-making at both the local and global levels.

Current Collective Research Topics:

Maritime Poetics


Passages in Asian Architecture

Gestures: transmission & reconstruction