Ghost Ship

to Brouillard

Ghost ship is a TETI month long spectral project at Kulturfolger, Zurich, which explores global uncertainties through maritime lenses and spatial displacement. 

Throughout February, the ghost ship embarks on a journey into 1: brouillard (fog), 2: terreur (terror) 3: spectres (Gespenst) 4: rêveries (dreamsea).

The ghost ship crew is Amélie Bargetzi, Gregory Collavini, Anne-Laure Franchette, David Jacques, Dorota Lukianska, Cora Piantoni, navigation by Gabriel Gee.

Weekly poetics can be followed on TETI Instagram account, culminating in a screening on Sunday February 28 showcasing the artists’ works and ghost ship project.

Two online talks are programed:

Wednesday February 10 at 3pm: David Jacques, Drill ship walk through (work in progress).

(c) David Jacques

Wednesday February 17 at 3pm, Damian Christinger, Haunted vessel: labour on the MS Basilea

(c) Damian Christinger

The talks are organized as a collaboration between TETI group, Kulturfolger, the division of art and culture at Franklin University Lugano, and La Capraia, the Centre for the Art History of Port Cities, Naples. Links to connect to the talks will be shared via zoom, pre-registration is required by sending an email at . 

Ghost ship is supported by the Guggenheim Stiftung.