Maritimes spaces, history and poetics

Read a a draft research statement on Maritime Poetics. Europe (TETI) a project developed as part of the TETI group’s reflection on changing cultural identities and identity formation in the 20th and 21st centuries,  which aims to bring together artists, curators, and public in a collaborative discussion on and additive contribution to the forms and ideas nurtured in European port cities around their past and present identities.

"Seen - unseen: hybrid rivers in the 21st century", an essay by Gabriel Gee to accompany the project PORT RIVER CITY,  a series of artistic interventions and film screenings taking place  in Dublin between the 17th and 29th September 2017. Curated by Alice Butler and Daniel Fitzpatrick of AEMI, and Cliona Harmey, the program explores the geographical and historical textures of the Liffey from the Poolbeg lighthouse to the inner city and hinterland. Check their website HERE.

All so Near:Fish Monsters, China Girls and Archi-Finance in Hamburg-Altona: a project with artists Amélie Brisson Darveau, Cora Piantoni & Johanna Bruckner (draft version)

Die Netze Altonas – The nets of Altona (draft  version)

Roll On Roll Off: artist Marie Reinert evokes maritimes spaces and fluxes, gestures and labor in a discussion with Gabriel Gee (French)

Read also Gabriel Gee's essay on 'a hybrid marine' in the work of Yang Mao Lin on Doppiozero (Italian)