The interdisciplinary study group on textures and experiences of trans-industriality explores the changing imaginaries of our global/glocal societies at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries. The group favours enquiries into trans-disciplinary commonalities,  and investigates the potency of ideas as they migrate from one body of practice into another. Finding such common grounds is not meant to lead towards more homogenized landscapes, but on the contrary as a springboard through which to re-invest in differentiation. Circulation can be understood, diversification must be the object of pro-active creativity.

About transindustriality: In transindustriality, the prefix ‘trans’ denotes that which crosses through space or time, that goes beyond the limit contained in the name to which it applies. In this case, the trans-industrial aims to supersede – or connect –different historical forms of industriality. The rapid transformations in economic and social fabric that have taken place since the advent of the Industrial Revolution has led observers to identify different sequences unfolding towards the present global and planetary, yet increasingly fragmented age. A focus on trans-industrial patterns places the emphasis on the ongoing circulations between different industrial and technological activities, across interconnected historical periods. A such, it can reflect nowadays on the ongoing role played by material infrastructure in the age of new media and climate change, on the physical roots that still inform digital expansions and virtual networks, on the survivals and revivals of past industriousness in the present, and future.

The first issue of TETI Journal which is to be published in Spring 2024 will bring a number of interdisciplinary perspectives by a range of authors and artists to unpack its realms of application.

TETI Group was founded in 2011 by Gabriel N.Gee, Maria-Joao Matos, and Michelle Stefano.
The group is registered as an association in Switzerland. TETI association promotes the group's activities through the organisation of exhibitions and artistic interventions, talks and workshops, as well as publications and digital communication interfaces.  

TETI Group and Press are supported by Pro Helvetia.