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Mobile Soils  23 FCH + shipping 
This collection of essays reflects on the mobile ground beneath our feet, questioning the soil as both material and narrative in our interconnected territories. Texts by artists, curators, historians, engineers, environmental scientists, architects, gardeners and poets peer into the bright and dark worlds of the underground, look at memories, molecules and resilience on the ground, industry, migration and spectral presences on the overground. Throughout, authors revisit their own practice confronted to present earthly attachments and ecological pressure. It stems from a series of workshops organised in 2019 as part of the Baustelle und Botanic project

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Table of contents:

CH1 Monica Ursina Jäger, Erdreich - the Treasure beneath our Feet
CH2 Grit Ruhland, 3000 Years of Apocalypse. Ambivalent Relations Between Mining and Culture with Particular Regard to Uranium
CH3 Gnanli Landrou in conversation with Anne-Laure Franchette, Underground Soil: L'avenir du Futur
CH4 Nikos Dulos, Urban Katabasis: spectral Perambulations at Nighttime
CH5 Jan van Oordt, The Hawhum Panel
CH6 Rafaël Newmand & Caroline Wiedmer, The Family Plot: Overrun by the Future, Underwritten by the Past

CH7 Jose Cacceres Mardones, The Soil of History: Reflections on Landscape, Body and Past
CH8 Elise Lammer, To Plant an Archive
CH9 Laurie Dall' Ava in conversation with Gabriel N. Gee , Rock, Paper, Molecules
CH10 Errol Reuben Fernandes, An Unearthed Identity
CH11 Kenza Benabderrazik, Soil Silence
CH12 Brack Hale in conversation with Moriah Simonds, Botanising Ticino

CH13 Maria-Joao Matos, The idea of European Landscape
CH14 Gabriel N. Gee, Le Northern Tour
CH15 Uriel Orlow, Of Soils and Weeds
CH16 Paloma Ayala, Conversations between Epizoochory
CH17 Huhtamaki Wab, Socialising with Landscape
CH18 Anne-Laure Franchette, Plants are not Bricks