TETI FOOD explores the world through culinary narrative forms.

Bouchées Mobile Soils:
to accompany the launch of TETI Press publication Mobile Soils at La Becque, résidence d'artistes, as part of the program An Hommage to Derek Jarman curated by Elise Lammer & La Becque

8 September 2021

Mobile Soils Dinner, a series of three dinners exloring the publication Mobile Soils in three chapters: Underground, Ground, Overground

a collaboration between TETI, Arvae, Food Culture Days, & SAE Greenhouse Lab at ETH, with the support of Pro Helvetia (March, June and September 2022)

‘Sols brouillés et remontés’ / ‘Scrambled and whipped soils’ / ‘geschlagene Ruhrerde’

As part of the On Curating series COMPOST, TETI Group proposed a dinner event on Saturday May 6 2022 revisiting TETI Press publication Mobile Soils (2021), which brings together eighteen texts reflecting on the changing grounds beneath our feet. Entitled ‘Sols brouillés et remontés’, the dinner was composed of ingredients indicated by the authors, as representative of their contributions to the volume. The contents of the book and the dinner are thus in the first stage scrambled, before being whipped together for edible purposes.

A great many thanks to Giulia Busetti & Alexandra Romy of the On Curating team for inviting us, special thanks to Alexandra as well for producing ceramic dishes for the dinner, and thanks to all our guests for the pleasant evening!

The INGREDIENTS suggested by the authors were shown in a short video, together with a sentence in which they explained their choice in relation to their text