Ghost ship a TETI month long spectral project taking place at Kulturfolger in February 2021, Zurich, which explores global uncertainties through maritime lenses and spatial displacement.

Hinterland: the eyes of the lighthouse; blood as a rover an exhibition in two parts at Corner College, Zurich, May-June 2018, exploring maritime influences on land

All so Near: Artists talks: as part of the exhibition held at Faktor Künstlerhaus on 20-22 April 2018, Amélie Brisson Darveau, Johanna Bruckner and Cora Piantoni responded to questions by Vanessa Nica Mueller. Off working for a Hamburg film company, hanging on a crane in Gdansk, designing clothes out Altona city plan, and investigating bodies, architecture and capital flux in Hamburg 

Trans-industrial pressure in Formosa: Taipei Biennial 2018 Gabriel Gee reports from the Taipei Biennial, entitled "Post-nature: museum as an ecosystem', curated by Francesco Manacorda and Wu Mali, Museum of Fine Arts Taipei, 17.11.2018 – 10.03.2019

Liquid, Measure and History: Notes on Conor McFeely's Weathermen
A text to accompany the exhibition of the work of Derry based artist Conor McFeely at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, in April 2013. The show followed its presentation at Franklin University, Lugano, in 2013, in collaboration with Gregory McCartney and Gabriel Gee